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Chicago 1930 - Downloadable Classic RPG Game

46. Chicago 1930 4 Stars Classic RPG Game

The mafia has the city under control and reigns on many districts.

Category: RPG / Action / Strategy

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Alpha Kimori - Downloadable Classic RPG Game

47. Alpha Kimori 3 Stars Classic RPG Game

Unite star-crossed lovers!

Category: Adventure / RPG

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Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods - Downloadable Classic RPG Game

48. Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods 4 Stars Classic RPG Game

After banning the influence of the gods in Myrtana, the nameless hero and Xardas have left this world in order to retain the balance of power.

Category: RPG / Adventure

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Dungeons - Downloadable Classic RPG Game

49. Dungeons 4 Stars Classic RPG Game

Dungeons follows the mis-adventures of the foremost of all Dungeon Lords!

Category: RPG / Adventure / Strategy

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Sid Meier’s Pirates! - Downloadable Classic RPG Game

50. Sid Meier’s Pirates! 4 Stars Classic RPG Game

Pirates! invites you to live the life of a 17th-century Buccaneer in this epic, open-ended seafaring adventure.

Category: RPG / Adventure / Strategy

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