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War Chess

A beautifully rendered 3D fantasy chess battle!

Download for PC (18.26 MB)

5 Stars Chess Game


Lead your army to victory in this beautifully rendered 3D fantasy chess battle! Enter a world where brave knights, kings and queens must fight races of dwarves, elves and other creatures in their quest to regain their kingdom. You choose the battlefield - from ancient temple ruins, to dark forests, to cemeteries. The war is on!

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War Chess - Chess Game   War Chess - Chess Game   War Chess - Chess Game  

PC System Requirements:

  • Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
  • DirectX 7.0
  • 64 MB RAM
  • Processor 600 MHz

Comments and Ratings:

  "fantastic, and i loved it" - maddy

  "A very amazing chess game, Fantastic !" - Barry

  "Whooooooooooo!!! ITS Wonderfull game" - ROHAN

  "I love chess, and this is the best software for rendering it I've found. There is a small risk that it may crash in the middle of a game, but for the cool graphics, it's worth it." - Rabid Khan

  "this is the best chess game in the world..." - luke diebert

  "So Cool! The Graphics!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Lalinda

  ":) 1 of the best chess games i've ever play'd" - Ashan

  "Very great virtual game coooolllllll" - Adi

  "Very Cool Graphics" - franz


  "great and inteligent games" - catalin

  "really gr8 chess game... while playing dis game i feel like playing a Wizardry chess... we all hav seen in harry potter movie.... awsum chess game..." - Sethu

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