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Worms 2

Learn how cruel worms can be in this classic game of revenge.

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4 Stars Worms Game


As one of the most popular game downloads, this is a modern classic. You've just entered the bizarre and fantastic cartoon world of worms. Wreak havoc on your rivals in a game of revenge. Humiliate your friends, inflict punishment on your family, and annihilate complete strangers. Worms 2 is frenzied fun!

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Worms 2 - Worms Game   Worms 2 - Worms Game   Worms 2 - Worms Game  

System Requirements:

  • Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
  • DirectX 5.0 or higher
  • 32 Mb RAM
  • Processor 133 MHz or better

Comments and Ratings:

  "Classic game. Very enjoyable especially with my friends. I think that novelty super weapons like holy hand grenade add alot to the game in terms of amusingness. Downloading from here caused me to buy worms world party, which has alot of extra maps and some extra features." - Barnaby Wharam

  "This game was fun in many ways and in many was it was amasing, the fact that you can go on the internet is the best option and it makes this the best worms ever" - Tyler Bichel

  "Superb this game. I enjoy it a lot" -

  "Its a game from my child hood!! Its so cool to find it back here!!" - Erwin

  "I love this game! It's frigging sweet!" - Skippy

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