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Pac-Man is classic arcade game developed by Namco and first released in Japan on May 22, 1980. The games’ hero, Pac-Man, must clear the maze of all dots to proceed to the next level of difficulty. As Pac-Man eats the dots, the enemies chase him around the maze and if Pac-Man collides with one of the enemy, he is a goner. After the maze has been cleared of all dots, the entire sequence will begin again with increased difficulty.

PAC-MAN - Downloadable Pacman Game

1. PAC-MAN 5 Stars Pacman Game

The world’s most famous arcade classic!

Category: Pacman / Arcade

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CLASSIC PAC-MAN - Downloadable Pacman Game

2. CLASSIC PAC-MAN 4 Stars Pacman Game

Hey, who can forget pacman? Play the old style classic pacman game.

Category: Pacman / Arcade

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Varmintz Deluxe - Downloadable Pacman Game

3. Varmintz Deluxe 3 Stars Pacman Game

Get all five of your fuzzy friends to their dens!

Category: Frogger / Pacman / Arcade

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Iggle Pop! - Downloadable Pacman Game

4. Iggle Pop! 5 Stars Pacman Game

Iggle Pop! is fast-paced arcade fun for the whole family!

Category: Pacman

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Pacman - Downloadable Pacman Game

5. Pacman 4 Stars Pacman Game

Play a Macromedia Flash version of the old arcade game Pacman

Category: Pacman

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Varmintz Deluxe
Iggle Pop!

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