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Flight sims are designed to re-create the experience of piloting an actual airplane, helicopter, or other form of aircraft. They offer realistic features such as working instrument panels, accurate physics, and authentic terrain. Regular flight sims seldom feature any combat or competition.

Platypus - Downloadable Flight Game

1. Platypus 4 Stars Flight Game

Clay animated side-scrolling shooter!

Category: Shooting / Flight

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Pacific Heroes - Downloadable Flight Game

2. Pacific Heroes 4 Stars Flight Game

Defend the Islands of the Pacific... in 3D!

Category: Flight / Aircraft / Shooting

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AirStrike 2: Gulf Thunder - Downloadable Flight Game

3. AirStrike 2: Gulf Thunder 3 Stars Flight Game

Addicting 3D fly-n-kill helicopter combat dangerously packed with enemies.

Category: Helicopter / Shooting / Flight

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AirStrike 3D - Downloadable Flight Game

4. AirStrike 3D 3 Stars Flight Game

Helicopter game that makes your palms sweat!

Category: Helicopter / Shooting / Flight

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Platypus 2 - Downloadable Flight Game

5. Platypus 2 3 Stars Flight Game

Fly one of four Platypus fighters through a fantastic landscape of carefully molded clay.

Category: Shooting / Flight / Arcade

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