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Bubbles is an arcade video game developed by Williams Electronics and released in 1982. It is an action game that features two-dimensional (2D) graphics. The player uses a joystick to control a bubble in a kitchen sink. The object is to progress through levels by cleaning the sink while avoiding enemies. Development was handled by John Kotlarik and Python Anghelo. Kotlarik desired to create a non-violent game inspired by Pac-Man. Anghelo designed the game's artwork and scenario as well as a special plastic cabinet that saw limited use. The game received a mixed reception from critics, who focused on the game's unusual premise. The game was later released as a web-based version and on home consoles as part of arcade compilations.

Aqua Bubble - Downloadable Bubble Game

1. Aqua Bubble 3 Stars Bubble Game

How do you beat a dancing water-man?

Category: Bust A Move / Bubble / Family

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Bubble Ice Age - Downloadable Bubble Game

2. Bubble Ice Age 4 Stars Bubble Game

A wonderful remake of the popular puzzle game Bust A Move.

Category: Bust A Move / Bubble / Family

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Aqua Pearls - Downloadable Bubble Game

3. Aqua Pearls 3 Stars Bubble Game

Join Aquatic in his underwater quest to recover a stolen necklace!

Category: Zuma / Bubble / Puzzle

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Captain BubbleBeard's Treasure - Downloadable Bubble Game

4. Captain BubbleBeard's Treasure 3 Stars Bubble Game

Sail the seas of puzzling fun in this fantastic adventure!

Category: Bubble / Bust A Move / Family

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Super Bounce Out - Downloadable Bubble Game

5. Super Bounce Out 3 Stars Bubble Game

Where the bounce began! Classic puzzle action!

Category: Bejeweled / Bubble / Puzzle

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