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Top Classic Space Games for PC

The space game is a 2D single player game created for the Casual Collective by Critters. The goal is to build a base in a remote solar system without being destroyed by Space Pirates, enemies that attack throughout the game. This is done by building a multitude of buildings, such as the Solar Station which creates energy, the Mineral Miner that retrieves building materials from asteroids , and defensive laser cannons. All buildings are connected using Energy Relays, which transport energy from one place to another. Careful balancing of a mixture of buildings can be necessary on dome levels.

Download Invadazoid game

22. Invadazoid3 stars classic Space Game

Use your flying saucer to bust away strange aliens and save the planet from a deadly invasion.

Category: Breakout / Galaga / Space Invaders

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Download Cosmic Bugs game

23. Cosmic Bugs4 stars classic Space Game

Modern remake of classics Jezzball and Qix.

Category: Jezzball / Space / Arcade

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Download Star Defender game

24. Star Defender4 stars classic Space Game

An advanced remake of Space Invaders game.

Category: Galaga / Space Invaders / Galaxian

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Download Atomaders game

25. Atomaders4 stars classic Space Game

Liberate the planets from cyborg invaders!

Category: Space Invaders / Arcade / Shooting

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Download Alien Outbreak 2: Invasion game

26. Alien Outbreak 2: Invasion4 stars classic Space Game

This is the shooter with real firing power!

Category: Galaga / Shooting / Arcade

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Download Star Defender 2 game

27. Star Defender 25 stars classic Space Game

A classic arcade-style space shooter where you save the Galaxy!

Category: Galaga / Space Invaders / Galaxian

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Download Swarm game

28. Swarm4 stars classic Space Game

An explosive fun shooter guaranteed to please!

Category: Asteroids / Shooting / Arcade

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