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Top Classic Strategy Games for PC

Strategy games are a genre of computer game that emphasize skillful thinking and planning to achieve victory. Specifically, a player must plan a series of actions against one or more opponents, and the reduction of enemy forces is usually a goal. Victory is achieved through superior planning, and the element of chance takes a smaller role.

Download Forge of Empires game

1. Forge of Empires4 stars classic Strategy Game

Build up your own city and lead it through the ages of history!

Category: Strategy / Multiplayer / Free

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Download Elvenar game

2. Elvenar5 stars classic Strategy Game

Build your own city in a mystic fantasy world!

Category: Strategy / Multiplayer / Fantasy

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Download World of Warships game

3. World of Warships5 stars classic Strategy Game

Take command of the most powerful military weaponry in history!

Category: War / Multiplayer / Free

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Download New Yankee in Santa’s Service game

4. New Yankee in Santa’s Service4 stars classic Strategy Game

Find the missing reindeer to avoid a Yuletide cancellation!

Category: Time Management / Strategy / Christmas

Download for PCDownload for Mac
Download New Yankee: Karma Tales game

5. New Yankee: Karma Tales4 stars classic Strategy Game

An epic race to save a small mining town and restore glory to Camelot!

Category: Time Management / Strategy

Download for PCDownload for Mac
Download CountryBalls Heroes game

6. CountryBalls Heroes5 stars classic Strategy Game

Become a legend by leading massive Countryball armies.

Category: Strategy

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Download Grepolis game

7. Grepolis5 stars classic Strategy Game

Develop your city into a mighty metropolis with help of the gods!

Category: Strategy / Multiplayer / Free

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