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Top Classic Puzzle Games for PC

Puzzle games is a genre of computer games in which the main goal is to solve puzzles or fit pieces together to keep the game going. Puzzle games range from simple problems to solve, like mazes or crosswords, to dynamic gameboards where the players must continually fit pieces together or clear pieces from the board to keep the game going.

Download New York Mysteries: The Outbreak game

15. New York Mysteries: The Outbreak5 stars classic Puzzle Game

Another mysterious case is waiting for a solution!

Category: Puzzle / Hidden Object

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Download Snake Pass game

16. Snake Pass5 stars classic Puzzle Game

Think like a snake!

Category: Platform / Puzzle

Download for PC
Download Botanicula game

17. Botanicula5 stars classic Puzzle Game

An amazing and heartwarming adventure.

Category: Adventure / Point and Click / Puzzle

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Download Alchemists Apprentice 2: Strength of Stones game

18. Alchemists Apprentice 2: Strength of Stones4 stars classic Puzzle Game

Activate the teleporter and save your uncle!

Category: Match 3

Download for PC
Download Human: Fall Flat game

19. Human: Fall Flat5 stars classic Puzzle Game

Discover the funniest cooperative physics-based puzzle-platformer!

Category: Adventure / Puzzle / Multiplayer

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Download Next Stop 3 game

20. Next Stop 34 stars classic Puzzle Game

Repair the railway and win in a billion-dollar escapade!

Category: Time Management / Puzzle

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Download Rainbow Mosaics: Garden Helper game

21. Rainbow Mosaics: Garden Helper5 stars classic Puzzle Game

Prepare to a robot-powered adventure in the garden!

Category: Puzzle

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