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The classic Collapse! game is played on a board of 12 columns by 15 rows. Randomly colored blocks fill the board, rising from below. By clicking on a group of 3 or more blocks of the same color, the whole group disappears in a collapse and any blocks stacked above fall down to fill in the vacant spaces. If a whole column is cleared, the elements slide to the center of the field. If one or more blocks rise beyond the top row of the board, the game is lost. If the player manages to survive a specified number of lines without losing, they win the level and are awarded points for successful completion.

Download Super SpongeBob Collapse! game

8. Super SpongeBob Collapse!4 stars Collapse Game

Like watching SpongeBob SquarePants and playing Super Collapse! at the same time!

Category: SpongeBob / Collapse / Kids

Download for PC
Download Collapse! Crunch game

9. Collapse! Crunch4 stars Collapse Game

Four new ways to Collapse! Try them all!

Category: Collapse

Download for Mac
Download QBeez 2 game

10. QBeez 24 stars Collapse Game

Join the colorful QBeez on Q's amazing quest!

Category: Match 3 / Collapse / Kids

Download for PCDownload for Mac
Download Super Collapse! 3 game

11. Super Collapse! 35 stars Collapse Game

Super Collapse is back again — and you won’t believe the fun!

Category: Collapse / Mini / Puzzle

Download for PCDownload for Mac
Download Season Match game

12. Season Match3 stars Collapse Game

Beat the wicked Winter Queen to save Fairy Land!

Category: Puzzle / Collapse

Download for PCDownload for Mac
Download Hidden Wonders of the Depths game

13. Hidden Wonders of the Depths3 stars Collapse Game

Welcome to a magical underwater world!

Category: Match 3 / Mahjong / Collapse

Download for PCDownload for MacPlay online
Download Gold Rush - Treasure Hunt game

14. Gold Rush - Treasure Hunt3 stars Collapse Game

Unearth a fortune in fast fun with this colorful challenge!

Category: Collapse / Puzzle

Download for PCDownload for Mac

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