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Top Match 3 Games for PC

Match 3 is one of the oldest casual game mechanics, along with checkers, chess, and backgammon. The elegant simplicity of match 3 games starts with the name of the game, which clearly describes the goal of the game: player must swap two pieces on the board to form a line of three or more of the same color or kind.

Download Secrets of Olympus game

22. Secrets of Olympus3 stars Match 3 Game

It's 300 levels of piece matching fun with Secrets of Olympus!

Category: Match 3 / Bejeweled / Family

Download for PC
Download Around the World in 80 Days game

23. Around the World in 80 Days3 stars Match 3 Game

Spectacular adventures on land, sea and air!

Category: Bejeweled / Travel / Match 3

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Download Throne of Olympus game

24. Throne of Olympus4 stars Match 3 Game

Help Athena defeat the other gods!

Category: Match 3 / Arcade / Magic

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Download Time Machine: Evolution game

25. Time Machine: Evolution4 stars Match 3 Game

Explore time in this fun Match 3 game!

Category: Match 3 / Puzzle

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Download Fishdom game

26. Fishdom4 stars Match 3 Game

Build up and develop your Fishdom!

Category: Match 3 / Bejeweled / Kids

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Download Cradle Of Rome game

27. Cradle Of Rome5 stars Match 3 Game

Become the emperor of ancient Rome and reconstruct the Coliseum and Pantheon in this historical puzzler!

Category: Match 3 / Bejeweled / Building

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Download Call of Atlantis game

28. Call of Atlantis4 stars Match 3 Game

Journey around the ancient lands of the Mediterranean to acquire seven crystals of power and appease Poseidon!

Category: Match 3 / Magic / Adventure

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