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Top Classic Action Games for PC

Action games could be considered the video game or computer game equivalent of action movies. Action games typically feature violent physical force, especially shooting, as their main interactive feature. Beat 'em up, Shoot 'em up and platform game are all subcategories of the action game genre. Some use the term to also refer to First person shooters.
Our free action games cost nothing to download and try, have fun!

Download Worms Rumble game

8. Worms Rumble5 stars classic Action Game

The first ever Worms game to feature real-time combat!

Category: Worms / Action / Multiplayer

Download for PC
Download Minecraft: Java Edition game

9. Minecraft: Java Edition5 stars classic Action Game

Build, create, and explore!

Category: Action / Arcade / Simulation

Download for PCDownload for Mac
Download Among Us game

10. Among Us5 stars classic Action Game

A party game of teamwork and betrayal …in space!

Category: Action / Adventure / Multiplayer

Download for PC
Download Tower Bombarde game

11. Tower Bombarde4 stars classic Action Game

Let your enemies kill each other!

Category: Arcade / Action / Space

Download for PC
Download Cat Quest II game

12. Cat Quest II4 stars classic Action Game

Bring peace back to your kingdoms.

Category: Action / Adventure / RPG

Download for PC
Download Puyo Puyo Tetris game

13. Puyo Puyo Tetris5 stars classic Action Game

It’s a super mash-up of ferocious competition, adorable looks, and addictive puzzle fun!

Category: Tetris / Puzzle / Action

Download for PC
Download Joggernauts game

14. Joggernauts5 stars classic Action Game

Jog! Jump! Switch!

Category: Arcade / Platform / Action

Download for PCDownload for Mac

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