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Top Classic Action Games for PC

Action games could be considered the video game or computer game equivalent of action movies. Action games typically feature violent physical force, especially shooting, as their main interactive feature. Beat 'em up, Shoot 'em up and platform game are all subcategories of the action game genre. Some use the term to also refer to First person shooters.
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Download Sniper Elite - Berlin 1945 game

225. Sniper Elite - Berlin 19454 stars classic Action Game

Get your hands on materials related to German nuclear technology before the Russians!

Category: Shooting / Action

Download for PC
Download Crysis 3 game

226. Crysis 35 stars classic Action Game

The award-winning developer Crytek is back with Crysis 3

Category: Shooting / Action

Download for PC
Download Ball-Buster Collection game

227. Ball-Buster Collection4 stars classic Action Game

Ball-Buster Collection is non-stop, action-packed fun!

Category: Arcade / Action

Download for PC
Download Tripp's Adventures game

228. Tripp's Adventures4 stars classic Action Game

Explore your magical abilities!

Category: Action / Adventure

Download for PC
Download Sleepwalker's Journey game

229. Sleepwalker's Journey4 stars classic Action Game

Take a beautiful dream journey!

Category: Action / Arcade

Download for Mac

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