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Top Classic Kids Games for PC

Kids’ games include any video game designed to be played by children. Such games are often, but need not necessarily be, educational in nature. They feature age-appropriate content, with no realistic violence or inappropriate themes. They naturally avoid too-complex rule systems and are designed to be aesthetically appealing to certain age brackets. Within that broad definition, there are a great many subcategories of children’s games.

Download Professor Fizzwizzle game

15. Professor Fizzwizzle5 stars classic Kids Game

Puzzle your way past the Rage-bots to help the Professor!

Category: Sokoban / Kids / Brain Teaser

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Download Inspector Parker game

16. Inspector Parker3 stars classic Kids Game

Unveil clues to solve a murder in this spellbinding whodunit.

Category: Detective / Kids / Puzzle

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Download Turtle Odyssey 2 game

17. Turtle Odyssey 25 stars classic Kids Game

Take off in a magical atmosphere of underwater adventure.

Category: Kids / Arcade / Platform

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Download SpongeBob SquarePants Diner Dash game

18. SpongeBob SquarePants Diner Dash3 stars classic Kids Game

Help SpongeBob seat, serve and satisfy even the squirmiest of deep-sea patrons in this 5-star feeding frenzy!

Category: SpongeBob / Cooking / Dash

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Download Granny in Paradise game

19. Granny in Paradise3 stars classic Kids Game

Help Granny rescue her kitties and thwart the plans of Dr. Meow!

Category: Lode Runner / Kids / Platform

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Download Snowy: Treasure Hunter 2 game

20. Snowy: Treasure Hunter 23 stars classic Kids Game

Danger and riches lie ahead as you join Snowy in his new adventure!

Category: Platform / Lode Runner / Kids

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Download Snail Mail game

21. Snail Mail4 stars classic Kids Game

Help Turbo the Snail deliver mail across the universe.

Category: Kids / Racing

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