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Chessmaster Challenge

Master this popular game and discover the Chessmaster in you!

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5 stars award


Master the world's most popular game and discover the Chessmaster in you! Based on the award-winning Chessmaster series, with over 5 million copies sold, Chessmaster Challenge is your teacher, mentor, and ultimate opponent. Whether you are learning chess, improving your strategy, or competing against world-class chess players like Josh Waitzkin, this game will make you a better player while offering hours of mind-twisting fun. Get ready to battle the Chessmaster himself!


Chessmaster Challenge screenshot Chessmaster Challenge screenshot Chessmaster Challenge screenshot

PC system requirements:

  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • DirectX 7.0
  • 128 MB RAM
  • Processor 700 MHz

Comments and ratings:

Ali A.4 stars rating
«The most thing i like in this chess game more than the other chess games is the tactics that you can do and i like the 3d pictures and because it contained 6 choices of chess board sets, including three 3D sets - Cartoon 2D, Egypt, Staunton Marble, Classic Wood, Old Paper, and Expert also there is Over 25 audio/visual tutorials help you improve your strategy and dominate your opponent»

Ivan A.5 stars rating
«Chessmaster Challenge is such a great game you can see what your moves will be and i really love how the rank is involved it makes the game more intersting because u wana duel the best at the game to become the best for me i like it because i can plan out my stratgy and look where they can move and not miss a singal ove that can win me the game well thnxs for making this greatchess game»

josh4 stars rating
«it was a good game to play, had ranked play to see how good you are and games for beginers to give you tips as you play.»

Henryk5 stars rating
«Simple, good programm to play v good opponent»

ghanshyam pandia5 stars rating
«i love it, it's really great interesting, amaging, full of entertainment»

adeniran kabir0 stars rating
«its a great game it increases thinking, planing, cleve, smart, strategy.... adeniran»

raman5 stars rating
«i love it very much.............»

carlos garcia5 stars rating
«it is incredible!!»

Amit5 stars rating
«this is a great game to improve my skills in playing the game»

meee..:)3 stars rating
«hy!!i think that this is very good game...and that's it...:))»

Manish0 stars rating
«Hi. Very interesting, I love very much to play chess»

sumanta5 stars rating
«i like very much i am crezy about it.»

rian5 stars rating
«hi....highly recommended to my children...nice site!!!!»

Virendra5 stars rating
«it is very nice game, there we can shoe our mind power»

Tera Bap5 stars rating
«What a game this is!»

Abid5 stars rating
«I just love playing the game of chess........................ it is a beautiful game.»

Khaneeth5 stars rating
«The best game I've ever played, but I'd have to say that Chess Titans of Windows Vista will always be the greatest and most enjoyable.»

emmanuel0 stars rating
«its my best game»

sandeep5 stars rating
«Hi. Very interesting, I love very much to play chess»

Mohinder Pal Kamboj5 stars rating
«I love to play it and forget all my tension while playing this game.»

Aelis5 stars rating
«just 3 words..... WOW!»

Kevin Smily4 stars rating
«I love strategy games and this one takes the cake!! School is sooooooo boring and nothing is challenge anymore. Strategy against the computer is the only fun thing anymore.»

electron5 stars rating
«this game made my day full of surprises along with unique feature which make it user friendly. tumb up»

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