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Ground Control

It is the 25th century and mankind has emerged from the devastation of the Third World War to colonize several planets across the galaxy.

Download for PC (104.70 MB)
4 stars award


The Earth is ruled by a powerful conglomeration of the mega corporations which rose to power after the fall of the Terran nations and the only force powerful enough to stand against them is the strangely religious Order of the New Dawn. Upon learning of the Order's claim to the planet Krig 7-B which has no visible value, the Crayven Corporation decide to investigate and take whatever the Order is hiding for themselves.


Ground Control screenshot Ground Control screenshot Ground Control screenshot

PC system requirements:

  • Windows 2000/XP
  • 467.8 MB
  • Unlimited Play
  • This game is Freeware and not supported

Comments and ratings:

emiriano rocha5 stars rating
«but I couldn't download the game ... I tryed but there was no download»

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