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Digital Paint Paintball 2

Maneuver, Coordinate and Fire Paintballs Like the Pros!

Download for PC (25.40 MB)
3 stars award


If you've ever played a paintball simulation, then the Digital Paint Paintball 2 controls will take you by surprise. The downfall of so many paintball simulations has been an absolute adherence to realism. The problem with that is that a paintball simulation is, by its nature, a first person shooter. So almost every gamer has developed habits and expectations for this style, and although the simulation may be correct technically, it doesn't always feel that way, and perception is reality.


Digital Paint Paintball 2 screenshot Digital Paint Paintball 2 screenshot Digital Paint Paintball 2 screenshot

PC system requirements:

  • Windows XP/Vista
  • 25.5 MB MB
  • Unlimited Play
  • This game is Freeware and NOT supported

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