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Top Brain Teaser Games for PC

Give your brain a fun workout with these fun brain teasers and puzzles. You'll need your thinking cap on to solve our collection of brain teasing puzzles!
Our free brain teaser games cost nothing to download and try, have fun!

Download Galactic Express game

127. Galactic Express4 stars Brain Teaser Game

Get ready for some out-of-this-world fun!

Category: Life Simulation / Brain Teaser / Logic

Download for PC
Download King Oddball game

128. King Oddball4 stars Brain Teaser Game

End the world in the compelling

Category: Brain Teaser / Logic / Puzzle

Download for Mac
Download Puzzler Brain Games game

129. Puzzler Brain Games4 stars Brain Teaser Game

Test your intellect!

Category: Brain Teaser / Logic / Puzzle

Download for PC

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