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Top Classic Word Games for PC

Word games puzzles are spoken or board games often designed to test ability with language or to explore its properties. Right now you’ve got a perfect chance to give your brain a fun workout with our collection of word games! Download word games for free or play them online.

Download Hidden Object Crosswords 2 game

1. Hidden Object Crosswords 23 stars classic Word Game

Enjoy the great mix of word and hidden objects game genre!

Category: Hidden Object / Crossword

Download for PC
Download Hidden Object Crosswords game

2. Hidden Object Crosswords4 stars classic Word Game

Solve riddles and find hidden objects!

Category: Hidden Object / Word Search / Word

Download for PCDownload for Mac
Download Scrabble game

3. Scrabble4 stars classic Word Game

A family favorite for generations of gamers, you’ve never seen Scrabble like this before!

Category: Scrabble / Crossword / Family

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Download Word Search Deluxe game

4. Word Search Deluxe4 stars classic Word Game

The master of all word search games!

Category: Word Search / Word

Download for PC
Download Super Text Twist game

5. Super Text Twist4 stars classic Word Game

Unscramble the letters to make words!

Category: Word

Download for PC
Download Bookworm Adventures game

6. Bookworm Adventures5 stars classic Word Game

It's the ultimate test of vocabularic might!

Category: Word / Magic

Download for PC
Download Bookworm Deluxe game

7. Bookworm Deluxe5 stars classic Word Game

Help feed Lex the Bookqorm with words.

Category: Word Search / Family / Word

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