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Top Classic Simulation Games for PC

A simulation game, or sim game, is a game that contains a mixture of skill, a chance and strategy to simulate an aspect of reality, such as a stock exchange. Some simulation games are intended to simulate the real world; others are intended to simulate a fictional world; still others are designed to be able to do both.

Download Strange Horticulture game

1. Strange Horticulture5 stars classic Simulation Game

Quiet, meticulous, delightful, dark, and beguiling… An utterly lovely game.

Category: Adventure / Simulation

Download for PC
Download Rescue Team: Heist of the Century game

2. Rescue Team: Heist of the Century5 stars classic Simulation Game

Save precious items of art!

Category: Time Management

Download for PCDownload for Mac
Download Fables of the Kingdom IV game

3. Fables of the Kingdom IV4 stars classic Simulation Game

Enjoy a new chapter of heroic heroes’ exploits!

Category: Puzzle / Time Management

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Download 12 Labours of Hercules XIII: Wonder-ful Builder game

4. 12 Labours of Hercules XIII: Wonder-ful Builder4 stars classic Simulation Game

Help Hercules build Wonders of the World despite all the obstacles!

Category: Time Management / Strategy

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Download Fishing: Barents Sea game

5. Fishing: Barents Sea4 stars classic Simulation Game

Take the helm of your fishing boat in Barents Sea!

Category: Fishing / Simulation

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Download Great Empire: Relic of Egypt game

6. Great Empire: Relic of Egypt5 stars classic Simulation Game

Claim the victory that is yours as the leader of the great empire!

Category: Time Management / Puzzle / Strategy

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Download Goodgame Big Farm game

7. Goodgame Big Farm5 stars classic Simulation Game

Build a huge farming paradise!

Category: Farm / Multiplayer / Free

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