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Top Golf Games for PC

Roughly 60 million people worldwide play golf, making it one of the most widely played sports in the world. At its most basic level, it is a game in which a player, using a club, tries to hit a small, round ball into a small, round hole in as few shots as possible.

Download A Little Golf Journey game

1. A Little Golf Journey4 stars Golf Game

Unlock secrets, discover treasure and take on challenges!

Category: Sports / Golf / Adventure

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Download Worms Crazy Golf game

2. Worms Crazy Golf5 stars Golf Game

Everything you love about the Worms game is combined with a golf!

Category: Golf / Strategy / Worms

Download for PCDownload for Mac
Download Total Pro Golf 3 game

3. Total Pro Golf 33 stars Golf Game

Take charge of your golfing career!

Category: Golf / Sports

Download for PC
Download Leaderboard Golf game

4. Leaderboard Golf4 stars Golf Game

So step out onto the fairway and drive, chip and putt your way up the leaderboard.

Category: Golf / Sports

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Download 3D Mini Golf Unlimited game

5. 3D Mini Golf Unlimited4 stars Golf Game

Great combination of luck and fun game!

Category: Golf / Sports

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Download 1001 Minigolf Challenge game

6. 1001 Minigolf Challenge4 stars Golf Game

Over 1000 fun and challenging golf holes to play in this amazing 3D mini-golf world!

Category: Golf / Sports

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Download Trivia Golf game

7. Trivia Golf4 stars Golf Game

Test your trivia knowledge on the green!

Category: Golf / Sports / Arcade

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