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Arcade games are games that do not have an expansive storyline other than bare essentials, with simple but effective gameplay, where the main focus is to finish the game with the largest amount of points possible. These games usually have very little puzzle-solving, complex thinking, or strategy skills needed; the focus is on reflexes and «twitch».

Download Slingshot Puzzle game

1. Slingshot Puzzle4 stars Mac classic Arcade Game

This game is a kind of golf, pinball and billiards fusion, just cooler.

Category: Puzzle / Pinball / Pool

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Download Ynglet game

2. Ynglet5 stars Mac classic Arcade Game

Swim, launch and bounce through this meditative floating platformer.

Category: Action / Adventure / Arcade

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Download Minecraft: Java Edition game

3. Minecraft: Java Edition5 stars Mac classic Arcade Game

Build, create, and explore!

Category: Action / Arcade / Simulation

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Download It’s Spring Again game

4. It’s Spring Again5 stars Mac classic Arcade Game

Use game mechanics to teach children about the seasons.

Category: Arcade / Kids / Educational

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Download Joggernauts game

5. Joggernauts5 stars Mac classic Arcade Game

Jog! Jump! Switch!

Category: Arcade / Platform / Action

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Download Dead Cells game

6. Dead Cells5 stars Mac classic Arcade Game

Kill, die, learn, repeat!

Category: Action / Platform

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Download Owlboy game

7. Owlboy5 stars Mac classic Arcade Game

Explore a vibrantly crafted pixel world.

Category: Arcade / Platform / Adventure

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