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Top Pinball Games for PC

3D pinball games feature three-dimensional tables, usually with angled perspectives and polygonal graphics. As in 2D pinball style, these games may feature fantasy or adventure elements, such as magic power-ups or mascot characters.
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Download Yoku’s Island Express game

1. Yoku’s Island Express5 stars Pinball Game

Unique and quirky open world pinball adventure.

Category: Pinball / Platform

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Download Peggle Deluxe game

2. Peggle Deluxe5 stars Pinball Game

Take your best shot! Ready, aim... bounce!

Category: Pinball / Arcade / Puzzle

Download for PCDownload for Mac
Download Venice Deluxe game

3. Venice Deluxe3 stars Pinball Game

The water is rising! Save Venice, or you're sunk!

Category: Pinball / Puzzle / Arcade

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Download Peggle Nights game

4. Peggle Nights4 stars Pinball Game

When night falls, the fun really gets going!

Category: Arcade / Pinball

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Download Future Pinball game

5. Future Pinball3 stars Pinball Game

Future Pinball is a real time Pinball Development System.

Category: Free / Pinball

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Download Caelum game

6. Caelum3 stars Pinball Game

Help Rob collect energy in space!

Category: Pinball / Arcade / Puzzle

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