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Top Digger Games for PC

In Digger games player is placed in an underground maze, and can dig horizontal and vertical tunnels through it. He need to control an explorer digging for gems so he can go to the next level. An explorer is being pursued by an army of strange monsters. Dig a hole to trap a monster and then fill up a hole after a monster falls into it!

Download Mr. DRILLER DrillLand game

1. Mr. DRILLER DrillLand4 stars Digger Game

Can ya dig it?!

Category: Arcade / Digger

Download for PC
Download Beetle Bug 2 game

2. Beetle Bug 23 stars Digger Game

Help Beetle defend his underground home from evil invaders.

Category: Digger / Boulderdash / Arcade

Download for PC
Download Beetle Bug 3 game

3. Beetle Bug 34 stars Digger Game

The world's most famous bug returns!

Category: Boulderdash / Digger / Arcade

Download for PC
Download Bomberman vs Digger game

4. Bomberman vs Digger3 stars Digger Game

A cool and thrilling remake that combines Bomberman and Digger.

Category: Bomberman / Digger

Download for PC
Download Digger Adventures game

5. Digger Adventures3 stars Digger Game

A good manual for all novice players of arcade games!

Category: Digger / Multiplayer / Arcade

Download for PC
Download Moorhuhn: The Jewel of Darkness game

6. Moorhuhn: The Jewel of Darkness4 stars Digger Game

Go on a quest for mysterious treasure.

Category: Moorhuhn / Boulderdash / Digger

Download for PC
Download Dig Dug game

7. Dig Dug4 stars Digger Game

The objective of Dig Dug is to eliminate underground-dwelling monsters.

Category: Digger / Arcade

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