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Top Jezzball Games for PC

Jezzball is a simple yet engaging fast-paced game of skill and strategy, originally published by Microsoft in 1992. The object in the jezzball-style games is to uncover a background image by drawing rectangles with your cursor. Draw boxes to claim as much screen as possible without getting in the path of enemies.

Download Water Bugs game

1. Water Bugs3 stars Jezzball Game

The bugs are back and they are making a huge mess!

Category: Jezzball / Arcade

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Download Cosmic Bugs game

2. Cosmic Bugs4 stars Jezzball Game

Modern remake of classics Jezzball and Qix.

Category: Jezzball / Space / Arcade

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Download Jezzonix game

3. Jezzonix3 stars Jezzball Game

An exciting new take on the classic Jezzball game.

Category: Jezzball / Arcade

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Download Banana Bugs game

4. Banana Bugs4 stars Jezzball Game

Zap hordes of banana-hungry bugs!

Category: Jezzball / Arcade / Kids

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