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Mario, star of the Super Mario games, is a world renowned video game character created by Shigeru Miyamoto for Nintendo. As well as being Nintendo’s mascot, he is possibly the most recognized character in video game history, appearing in over a hundred games, many of them bestsellers.

Download CheboMan game

1. CheboMan3 stars Mario Game

A classic arcade game similar to Super Mario game.

Category: Mario / Adventure

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Download Mario's Adventure! game

2. Mario's Adventure!3 stars Mario Game

Play as Mario in this Super Mario-like game!

Category: Mario / Adventure

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Download Mario's Adventure 2! game

3. Mario's Adventure 2!3 stars Mario Game

The sequel demo version to Mario's Adventure!

Category: Mario / Adventure

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Download Super Mario World Revived game

4. Super Mario World Revived3 stars Mario Game

Help Mario defeat Bowser and restore peace in the mushroom kingdom, in this revived adventure.

Category: Mario / Adventure

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Download Super Mario Bros. X game

5. Super Mario Bros. X4 stars Mario Game

Free classic Mario Bros. action for your PC!

Category: Free / Mario / Platform

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