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Top Boulderdash Games for PC

First released in 1984, the game received excellent reviews and went on to spawn numerous sequels, conversions, and clones.

You guide a little man called Rockford up, down, left, and right through scrolling caverns of boulders and diamonds. Your aim is to collect a set quota of diamonds within a time limit and then reach the previously concealed exit. Boulders can be pushed or dropped by digging through the earth that supports them, but it’s all too easy to be hit by a falling boulder, miss out on necessary diamonds, or bury the exit under an avalanche.

Download Beetle Bug 2 game

1. Beetle Bug 23 stars Boulderdash Game

Help Beetle defend his underground home from evil invaders.

Category: Digger / Boulderdash / Arcade

Download for PC
Download Beetle Bug 3 game

2. Beetle Bug 34 stars Boulderdash Game

The world's most famous bug returns!

Category: Boulderdash / Digger / Arcade

Download for PC
Download Moorhuhn: The Jewel of Darkness game

3. Moorhuhn: The Jewel of Darkness4 stars Boulderdash Game

Go on a quest for mysterious treasure.

Category: Moorhuhn / Boulderdash / Digger

Download for PC
Download Boulder Dash: Pirate's Quest game

4. Boulder Dash: Pirate's Quest4 stars Boulderdash Game

Help find a fantastic Pirate's treasure!

Category: Boulderdash / Arcade

Download for PCDownload for Mac
Download Rabbit's Magic Adventures game

5. Rabbit's Magic Adventures4 stars Boulderdash Game

Defeat an evil wizard!

Category: Boulderdash / Digger / Arcade

Download for PC

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