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Top Off-Road Games for PC

Off-Road Racing titles feature racing in an outdoor setting across varied terrain, sometimes without roads to follow. Some titles require racing multiple laps, while others focus on racing from point A to point B.

Download Insane 2 game

1. Insane 25 stars Off-Road Game

Try exciting innovations in the off-road racing genre!

Category: Racing / Off-Road / Multiplayer

Download for PC
Download Off Road Arena game

2. Off Road Arena3 stars Off-Road Game

This is one awesome off-road racer that's just plain fun to drive!

Category: Off-Road / Multiplayer / Racing

Download for PC
Download 1nsane game

3. 1nsane5 stars Off-Road Game

Forget rules, forget roads!

Category: Off-Road / Rally / Racing

Download for PC
Download ATV Mudracer game

4. ATV Mudracer4 stars Off-Road Game

Are you ready to get dirty in the "World Championship Quad Racing"?

Category: Off-Road / Rally / Car

Download for PC
Download 4x4: Hummer game

5. 4x4: Hummer4 stars Off-Road Game

Test drive a range of General Motors’ sports utility vehicles across challenging locations!

Category: Off-Road / Rally / Racing

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