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Top Karting Games for PC

Games of this style involve "karts" (short for go-karts) or similar miniature vehicles racing through a defined course. Kart racing games often feature mascots or familiar cartoon characters that can be clearly seen in the driver's seat. Power-ups are typically an important part of play. Although there may often be elements of combat or shooting, winning the race is the primary goal in a game of this style.

Download Moorhuhn Kart 2 game

1. Moorhuhn Kart 23 stars Karting Game

The feathered racer is back, and once again he has brought all his friends along.

Category: Moorhuhn / Karting / Kids

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Download Kart Racer game

2. Kart Racer4 stars Karting Game

Sit for steering wheel the most good card in the world!

Category: Rally / Racing / Karting

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Download Cocoto Kart Racer game

3. Cocoto Kart Racer3 stars Karting Game

Cocoto isn't just a great racer - he's a great racer with attitude.

Category: Karting / Car / Racing

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