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Top Classic Racing Games for PC

Racing is a genre of video game that re-creates the car (or other vehicle) racing experience for the player. Racing games can be divided into two sub-genres: racing simulation, in which the physics and real-world aspects of the vehicles are emphasized; and arcade racing, in which an accurate representation is not important.

Download Armagetron Advanced game

36. Armagetron Advanced3 stars classic Racing Game

Armagetron Advanced seems to be geared towards the more advanced players due to its more complex layout.

Category: Free / Racing

Download for PC
Download Bus Driver game

37. Bus Driver4 stars classic Racing Game

Become a Bus Driver!

Category: Car / Action / Arcade

Download for PC
Download Army Racer game

38. Army Racer4 stars classic Racing Game

In Army Racer you get to race high performance street cars on army bases.

Category: Car / Rally / Racing

Download for PC
Download Ridge Racer Unbounded game

39. Ridge Racer Unbounded4 stars classic Racing Game

This is Ridge Racer unbounded from the shackles of its heritage

Category: Rally / Car / Racing

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Download Need For Speed Hot Pursuit game

40. Need For Speed Hot Pursuit5 stars classic Racing Game

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit players will experience the thrill of the chase.

Category: Rally / Car / Racing

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