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Top Breakout Games for PC

Breakout (or arkanoid) is a ball-and-paddle game in which a players’ objective is to build up the highest possible point score by hitting balls toward a wall of bricks. The paddle moves left and right at the bottom of the screen and a ball is deflected to hit bricks. Some bricks contain special powers to enhance play. The next level achieved by removing all the bricks.

Download Magic Ball 2 game

8. Magic Ball 25 stars Breakout Game

Break through the Evil Mage's 3D spells with your Magic Ball!

Category: Breakout / Arcade

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Download Aquaball game

9. Aquaball5 stars Breakout Game

It's crustacean-crushing action, under the deep blue sea! It's Aquaball!

Category: Breakout / Mini / Arcade

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Download Boom Voyage game

10. Boom Voyage3 stars Breakout Game

It's time to start an unforgettable block-busting journey!

Category: Breakout / Arcade

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Download Invadazoid game

11. Invadazoid3 stars Breakout Game

Use your flying saucer to bust away strange aliens and save the planet from a deadly invasion.

Category: Breakout / Galaga / Space Invaders

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Download Egyptoid game

12. Egyptoid3 stars Breakout Game

It's a brick-buster spiced up with Egyptian flavor! It's Egyptoid!

Category: Breakout / Arcade

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Download Bricks of Camelot game

13. Bricks of Camelot4 stars Breakout Game

Brick-breaking adventures throughout Camelot.

Category: Breakout / Arcade

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Download Magic Ball 2: New Worlds game

14. Magic Ball 2: New Worlds4 stars Breakout Game

The stunning and addictive game play of Magic Ball 2 returns.

Category: Breakout / Arcade

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